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 Yahoo Groups for Alumni IIT Roorkee

  • roorkee2us: This forum is for those students doing their under graduation or post-graduation in Roorkee and aspiring for higher studies in US or in any other Country Abroad. Included in the databases are most of the documents required for apping.
  • iitr2003: The institution that is IIT Roorkee brought us together 4 years back. So lets keep that bond of friendship tied through this group. After all true friendships are forever. Cheers to the Class of 2003 of IITR !
  • incunebula: Entrepreneurship IIT Roorkee
  • iitr_civil_2003: Let's have Bakar and Masti this group is only for civil guys of IIT Roorkee.
  • mtech_de_la_roorkee: This group is for all M.TECH students of IIT Roorkee.
  • roorkee_1984: This group is for students of 1984 batch Roorkee University.
  • roorkee_friends: This group is the roorkee batch of 99
  • mca_iit_Roorkee: This group is for the mca guys/gals from IIT Roorkee
  • Macho_mechi_uor2k: This is a group of mechanical juntas who passed university of Roorkee in 2000.
  • rurki_phy_96: This group is a part of its' parent group.
  • rurki_phy: This is one link to re-organize the Roorkee Physics students. This group will provide good interaction between the batch mates of one batch as well as we can also contact to our other rurki_phy groups through the parent group.
  • rurki_phy_2000: This group connects the M.Sc. Physics Batch passed out in 2000 from University of Roorkee. This is a sub-group of a big domain rurki_phy, which includes several batches of this deptt.
  • iitr_2007 : Group for the Batch that will pass out in 2007.
  • audio_iitr : Audio Section, Cultural Society,IIT Roorkee
  • LS_IITR: Light Section Indian Institute Of Technology-Roorkee Roorkee INDIA
  • EnC_2002_IITR: Electronics and communication batch 2002 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. All members graduated from University of Roorkee in year 1993, and are settled in Bay Area, California.
  • UOR-2000passoutjunta: This group has been created for the benefit of those people who wants to ynjoy the life , thro' e-mail gossips and for those who really dare to mail after passing out from IIT Roorkee, either without job or with job.
  • freshers_iitr: An effort by the seniors of the IIT Roorkee to help the freshers to help cope with the pressures of the college life snd clarify their doubts about the system at the IIT.
  • uorites_mumbai: This a group of iitr passouts who are staying /studing/working in mumbai.Just to bring them close and share golden moments of iitr and to land a helping hand to each other is its motto.
  • iitr-uorchem : Hyper active chemical engineers group of passouts of iitr.To bring them closer also and share golden moments is its main motto
  • Roorkee_IIMA : The group of thomsonians who happened to walk on the hallowed red bricks of Louis Khan Plaza as well.
  • ias_aspirants_of_india: A group created for those who r preparing for civil services exam in 2003-04-05,all discussion and info sharing can be done on this group
  • iitr2002 : The passouts of 2002 continue their friendship here.
  • csiitr2002 : The 2002 passout's batch of CSE.
  • uorbayarea : his is for IIT Roorkee bay area resident.
  • iitr-nac : This is a group of IITR alumni in North America.
  • uor87 : The yahoogroup related to the graduates of 1987
  • biotech_iitr : The biotech students of roorkee also have their niche here.
  • telguroorkite : The place where telgu people in roorkee share their views
  • ee2k4_iitr : The yahoogroup is related to Electrical engineers of 2004 batch.
  • iitrpgcs2001 : The yahoogroup is related to MTech CSE 2003 passout students.